Star Wars: Legion – Republic AT-RT Unit Expansion

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    • # of Players2
    • Playing Time: 60-120 min 
    • Age: 14+

    Built for speed across any terrain, the AT-RT Republic scout walker lets a single clone trooper bring an entire unit's worth of heavy firepower to the battlefield. Capable of striking from unexpected angles and outflanking formations of enemy battle droids, the AT-RT makes a formidable addition to any force of clone troopers.

    The Republic AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion puts a single beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic AT-RT miniature with two distinct pilot options at your disposal. Beyond the pilots, you can also pick the weapon mounted on the AT-RT's hardpoint, choosing between a rotary blaster, a laser cannon, or a flamethrower. Finally, five upgrade cards help bring these visual modifications to life in-game.

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