Escape Room Adventure: Sawbones

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    In the small town of Port Gamble, things have gone awry. Local news, whose highlights have been youth league sports, is now filled with blood with a recent string of serial murders. Each victim presenting itself more mysterious than the next. In Sawbones, you and your fellow compatriots awaken to find yourself blindfolded and handcuffed in an unknown room. Can you work together to overcome your fears and escape within the 60 minutes or will you merely become next week's headliner? Due to the complexity of this room, as well as theme and graphic content, the recommended age for SAWBONES is 18 years and older. Patrons under the age of 18 will be allowed with consent from parents or guardians. 

    Warning! Flashing lights, Handcuffs and Smoke are used in this adventure. 


    • Parties of 4 - $24.99 per player
    • Parties of 5 - $23.99 per player
    • Parties of 6 - $22.99 per player
    • Parties of 7 - $21.99 per player
    • Parties of 8 - $20.99 per player


    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all bookings will be private parties until further notice.

    Extensive decontamination occurs after every appointment. 

    4 Players - $99.96
    5 Players - $119.95
    6 Players - $137.94
    7 Players - $153.93
    8 Players - $167.92

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