40k Crusade

40k Crusade

Warhammer 40K Escalation Crusade League



Out of the Box Games will be hosting a new Warhammer 40k Crusade League! If you have not had the chance to play in a crusade before, it is a ton of fun, with lots of cool narrative feel and awesome games to be had.


The full crusade rules can be found in the Core Rulebook, however, armies that have received a 9th edition codex will have also received updated crusade rules tailored to their army. Like most crusade leagues, this will also be an escalation style event, with armies growing as the event goes on. This makes it a great start for newer players, or veterans wanting to start a new army. Also, since it is more narrative driven, it makes for a great time to dust off any models that may not have the competitive edge, but are one of your favorite models. For myself, the last crusade league saw me fielding a Helbrute for the first time in ages as I love the new kit!


The Crusade League will begin at 40 power level. You will also begin with the normal 5 crusade points (I strongly recommend spending at least a couple of these points before your first game, as you get a minimum of one point per game played, but can only have a max of 5).


Each month, you are able to play two games with your army. While we definitely are fine with you playing as many games as you want, we are limiting everyone to two games to count towards the Crusade League, so feel free to play more games with your friends to get more practice in. This means that only in those two games will your units gain experience and battle tallies.


As mentioned before, the first month will be played at 40 power level. The next month, armies will be at 60 power, then 80 the next, then finally 100 power for the final month. Since the army size will be increasing slightly more rapidly, at the end of each month, your army will receive a 10 power level supply limit increase. That means you will still need to budget to increase your army size to the cap, but should allow many points left over to give out those juicy relics and warlord traits!


We are very excited to host another Crusade League. They are a ton of fun, and we cannot wait to see you at the table. Also, make sure to join our discord as that is the best place to ask any questions you may have about the Crusade League. Also, if you enjoy mediocre-ly written narrative recaps of crusade battles, The_J_Walker will be posting his recaps on that channel.